An Aside: “An Academic with Impostor Syndrome”

In academia, we talk a lot about the stresses of the job. A lot of this, for me, comes down to these two must-reads: Joseph Kasper’s “An Academic With Imposter Syndrome” in the Chronicle of Higher Education and Aimée Morrison’s “Academic Impostor Syndrome” in the always great blog Hook and Eye.

It’s funny, as we often tend to put forward imposing, confident faces on social media: the researcher, teacher, and administrator with his/her stuff together, progressing forward. Even in a few months where I’ve designed and taught two new courses while moving a pretty aggressive research agenda forward, that voice is always there: “Is this enough?” “Shouldn’t you work just a bit later on the weekend?” “How dare you take a break when others fight for full-time work?”

These articles helped remind me that I’m not alone. Hopefully others find them helpful too.

Back to work, though! Tomorrow, I’m off to Ottawa for NCPH 2013, and am looking forward to a glass of wine on the train.

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